Why Choose The Millennium Method

Quantum Healing is the mergence of the quantum field with the mind body spirit connection.  In quantum physics all energy is matter and all matter is energy and because this is so, it works on everyone and everything.  It is in the realm  that we can manipulate all three types of energies, Macro, Micro and Intrinsic (outer, inner and in between).  It is where spirituality meets science and gives us the ability to use the mind to affect the body SUCCESSFULLY.  This method can be used on adults, children, animals, businesses, homes, land to name a few. 

Statis is the optimum state of consciousnesses where time dilates as if in slow motion or speeds up where 5 hours feels like 5 minutes.  It is in this state where performance either physically or emotionally goes through the roof and you are in a creative peak.    This state of flow is the deep knowing, the place where we want to be in our lives, yet with the exception of few cannot seem to stay there long if we do attain it.   

This is the altered state where the inner critic, the inner voice turns off, where you are no longer separated from others but are completely in body where you can truly shift into your infinite potential.    The voices and inner critic are not the real you. Physical disease is known to be a reflection of those inner critics and voices.

The more aware you become in conscious awareness and the stasis you are in, the healthier and closer to your higher true self you can become and heal from the inside out taking on and being a master of your own healing. 

Among the many Quantum Collapse healing and transformation applications such as Matrix Energetics, we have found the Millennium Method to be the most comprehensive, accessible and efficient of all.  The shifts are felt immediately and the root causes or issues that take you out of stasis whether mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally are all brought back into alignment so that you can heal the way and become more aware of the steps to take to do so.   The utilization of the Method is not subjective so the fractals do the work regardless of any belief system of the practitioner or client.