Extension of Intuition 

Millennium Method practitioners are from all over the world.  We are healers, massage therapists, mothers, acupuncturists, fathers, pilots, naturopath doctors, chiropractors, Reiki masters, and children to name a few. In the experiences in this world we created we sometimes were able to use our intuition, however over time and with our life experiences and challenges, some of us may doubt our own intuitiveness or stop being aware of our own innate knowing.  An MM practitioner comes from many different backgrounds and experiences and the beautiful thing about this method is that it was designed for any one to learn it without a deep understanding of what intuitiveness is or even a deep understanding of quantum physics.  

The cards become an extension of the practitioners intuition.  When pulled the fractals begin to alter the issue that has been identified, we call these roots.  Once the roots are identified the reprogramming is put into the CNS using the atlas (C1 Vertebra) and any number of acupuncture points in the body or the chakras.  By using a method of Wave Function Collapse, a practitioner can remove roots and weaknesses affecting a person, animal, situation etc on any of the seven levels of life, emotional, mental, physical, psychological, psychic, spiritual or karmic.  It is the same technique done with any practitioner of MM anywhere in the world.  

Thousands of intrinsic protocols have been injected or downloaded into the artwork and there is no need to be neutral to the issue. A practitioner can just trust that the cards are an extension of their intuition and understand that the protocol is there. At  zero point or quantum field there is no need to understand with the left brain.  The right brain holds the key to the higher self and the higher self holds the key to healing.  Visual art stimulates the right bran and triggers access to the higher self which over time heightens intuitive abilities. The longer a practitioner works with MM on themselves and others the stronger that intuition becomes and the ability to heal oneself increases.