The Millennium Method was created by Founder Jessica Taylor.  It is an energy healing therapy and alternative cure that has been developed to offer accelerated and often times instant relief for chronic and acute, physical pains and ailments, as well as mental and emotional struggles and conflicts by removing the blocked energy and weaknesses and making you energetically strong to the root causes of any of your given issues.  Jessica developed the method after years of training and teaching many modalities and seeing many people confused or unable to utilize the methods they were learning properly.  She used science and art to give everyone from the left brain engineer to the highly clairvoyant an even playing field and a way to validate to clients what was intuitively coming up.   With this method it also provides the body with the needed energy for it to go through the process of healing itself.  It is designed to work with the eastern and western medicine in particular Functional Medicine side by side. 

The Millennium Method has affinities with the Yuen Method, Matrix Energetics, Quantum Physics, Healing and Transformation, As well as Chinese Traditional Medicine, Acupuncture, Taoist Alchemy and Biofeedback/Bioresonance Technologies to name a few.