Specifically Designed Fractal Art

Everything in the natural world is created based on fractal mathematics; everything including our own DNA.  Studies at the University of Oregon show that simply looking at a fractal of mid-range complexity increases a sense of well-being and peace; the subconscious mind recognizes fractals.  (They are everywhere in our whole planetary system and earth system) Our DNA uses a form of fractal based "grammar" to communicate with each other.  Physics is even showing a fractal re-construction of DNA induced by looking at fractal images.  

Anywhere from 30% of crop circles or more in a given year display basic fractal shapes.  Many people experience fractal images during deep altered states and even during Near-Death experiences. 

The Millennium Method uses specifically designed fractal art work that is like 'living organic art'.   Each fractal is attached to a word in all bodies of our stages of healing and transformation.  The designed fractals works as artificial templates that activate resolutions of imbalances and overall wellness optimizing all functions. It is not limited by any known or unknown factors and is designed to evolve perpetually, thanks to its open-ended protocols. 

Each intuitively channeled fractal art piece created by Millennium Method emanates an energy, in essence, it is like a 'living organic art' and our auras respond to this energy by expanding up to twice its normal size, the same way our bodies respond to joy by smiling.