The Art of Dried Blood 

Dried Blood Cell Analysis (DBA) works by acquiring a sample of blood (with a small prick from the finger) and viewing the sample through a high-powered microscope to determine the condition of the body. DBA is not a diagnosis, but a screening tool to analyze the present condition of the body and help assess nutritional needs of our clients.

Dried Blood Analysis is a holistic approach to analyzing the blood. There is no guesswork with this process. After the blood is analyzed a detailed program is suggested. Clients will also be given a copy of their DBA report. This process is very detailed and it eliminates clients from taking unnecessary herbs, vitamin, mineral and other homeopathic supplements.
It accurately assesses the level of free radical activity or oxidative stress. Excessive levels of free radical activity are associated with degenerative diseases conditions such as Cancer, Heart Disease, Strokes, Memory Loss, Arthritis and Cataracts. This test also indicates the presence of heavy metal, bowel toxicity, inflammation, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Its simplicity alone makes it a truly remarkable test that we use to screen for all of the above conditions and more!
Blood from a healthy person will be uniform in coagulation, and tightly connected. From an individual with health problems and excess free radical activity, the dry layer blood profile will be disconnected, showing puddles of white (known as polymerized protein puddles). The more ill the patient with free radical/oxidative stress, the more disconnected is the dried layer of blood.

The basis of Dry Blood Cell Analysis, the oxidative stress test originated in Europe in the 1920's. German scientists notably Dr. Enderlein noticed a correlation between abnormalities in the body and patterns in the blood. In the 1930's, the head of surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital Dr. Bowlen, MD. introduced Dry Blood Analysis procedures in the U.S. after receiving training from General Dwight Eisenhower's personal physicians, Dr. Heitlan and Dr. La Garde.

Dry Blood Analysis was later re-introduced in the 1970's by one of Heitlan-LaGarde's students,Dr. Robert Bradford of the American Biologics Hospital in Mexico. This tool is used today in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia with over 70 years of Dry Blood testing data and utilized by holistic medical, osteopathic, chiropractic and naturopathic physicians, as well as other health care professionals around the world, providing insightful views of the biological terrain. 

Blood is an interesting indicator of health and where free radicals are concerned, their activity impacts blood morphology. Putting it very simply, when free radicals attack cells, damage is done. Reading the dry layers of blood is like reading an ink blot. It can be very revealing as to the overall state of one's health. You can notice  the Fractals in the blood!

 DBA and REAMS Theory of Ionization are only Analysis and are not meant to replace medical advice or diagnosis any disease.  Always see a Medical Doctor for any health issues you may have.