Sara Morrison πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

Sara is a practitioner of the healing arts, she has gained a wide knowledge base and experience from various healing modalities with first hand personal experience. As a universal gifted teacher, she will guide and show you how to listen to your original calling from home, hearts eye, natural spirit code, the intelligence of the brain and the stomach to honor/trust your gut intuition. As a practitioner, she guides and teaches how to live within yourself beyond any physical, emotional, mental trauma.

Growing up her life was blessed with the teachings of her maternal mother on the ways of the land, health and natural foods as the medicine for the mind, body and spirit.  That knowledge led her to expert application in herbal/ tincture remedies, organic gardening and her intuitive connection and love of nature. Sara’s upbringing was ahead of the times and with a strong passionate need to lead herself on this path, opened many doors. Gaining wisdom and experiential First Nation collaboration locally and abroad with years of the sweat lodge,including over 20 years of disciplined teaching with indigenous peoples and ceremonies as well as Qi Gong, and powerful meditation.

The experience of some personal trauma in her life led to her breakthrough and was guided to naturally and fairly honor all ways of life and living.  In  spiritual practice when one can hear the songs of the rain forest and the truth of the heart, healing follows gracefully.  It is important to her to use all the whispering of the roots she came from, the wisdom and experiences passed on from so many.  She has healed in her journey by listening deeply, following the truth of the hearts center and embracing our true power of self unconditionally.  

She will facilitate the cleansing of old outmoded ways, mistaken beliefs, reconditioning our conditioning, working towards opening to vulnerability, heart expansion and heart expression.  Healing can then occur as she supports to DISSOLVE trauma gently step by step from the emotional fallout that keep one from opening and trusting oneself with unconditional love, non-attachment and no expectations into personal FREEDOM.πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›