Fermented Cold Kombucha Tea

 Raw Hand Crafted Black and Green Tea Fermented with Raw Sugar Cane and the local fruits.

A 2000 year old Elixir Recipe made with added benefits to humankind to bring high synergy frequency to lift our spirits and feed our bodies. 

Our team infuses key high vibrations into each batch.  

A scalar energy stasis within the code of each word on all quantum levels.  

Drink it. Feel it. Live it. 


Watermelon Strawberry and Basil

Coded with the expression of HARMONY and COMPASSION encompassing  frequencies of the highest self with infusion of pink for a delicious balance.  


Mango Passion Fruit Moringa 

Coded with the expression of JOY and LOVE encompassing the frequency of laughter, swirling colors embodied with the purest joy and love that exist beyond our wildest imaginations. 


Ginger Green Apple Lime 

Coded with the expression of EMPOWERMENT and INTEGRITY encompassing the  frequency to blend with the inner power aligned with integrity and self assurance. 


Pineapple Cucumber Mint 

Coded with the expression of PEACE and BREATH  encompassing the frequency of breath in peace, serenity, oneness.   Chill, relax and breathe deep with every drop.



 100% Pure 'SAGRE DE GRADO' 

Dragon’s Blood

From the trees of Costa Rica

A bright red resin that looks like blood.  Forms a second skin and has many natural occurring chemical properties to speed healing.

A popular ulcer and stomach treatment. Also used as a treatment for wounds, rashes, and insect bites. Has strong anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. Has anti-inflammatory action and is a general pain reducer. It is a dark red latex collected from trees like syrup.

$ 15