Aug 11, 2017 
GRATITUDE -  What is it? Do we really know how to express it and more importantly feel it. We are supposed to be thankful and grateful for all of our blessings, big or small. Gratitude really is a feeling, not in the typical sense. When we feel it, really feel it, it comes from the core essence inside of one. 

We are taught to say thank you and self help, personal development courses teach that this one word, this one principal is a key, a secret key to unlocking more blessings to come our way if we use it daily. There is the intangible moment when gratitude really is felt. It is not just about saying thank you, or looking at our lives and listing off all the many things we should be thankful for, it is more. 

It is the moment where all of those things join together in a breath, a quantum breath if you will. That moment where the scene in front of you shows up as gratitude. There is a receiver of your gratitude and there is a giver, which is you..the giver and receiver in a moment, if in tune with all that is in that moment, it is there gratitude is felt, more importantly embodied. 

It feels bigger than the giver and receiver, it feels like the universe in all its vastness fits in your hand easily and effortlessly, yet all the infinite power and greatness that is the universe is there too, becoming us. When this is felt it is not a warm fuzzy feeling of emotions from a wor(l)dly sense, it is more of a complete wholeness of perfection/reflection. As the gratitude expands around the giver and receiver, like ripples in a beautiful lake lapping on the shore, we suddenly become aware for all that we have to be thankful for...it comes in waves one at a time and all at the same time again in a quantum moment. 
This moment is infinitely eternal and the power within in it is the gratitude.

 To those who have felt this, words are not enough to describe it. Your 'Thank You' from then on changes..we carry with it a different vibration. One of knowing the secret code within that word and when shared to someone or something no matter what, even if the receiver cannot 'hear' or 'feel' it yet, it is still received. In this portal of Gratitude I thank you all. It is with bliss, joy and the abundance of what we are creating here together upon the earth that there are many keys just like this one. 

It really is right here, in front of us, waiting, watching and shining for us to see, hear and feel. Like a tiny grain of sand that sits upon a beach among the millions of other grains of sand, that one grain of sand is most important as it is part of the greater whole, it is each particle of sand that makes up the big beautiful beach. 

With Gratitude -  Love Devine You