Moriah has always had a desire to help others through their challenging times and offer them perspective, opinions and clarity. For more than 10 years she has been blessed with the trust and respect of friends of all ages, which has led them to seek her counsel.  In 2008, her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and shortly after the diagnosis she passed away. It was at this time that she began to search for understanding in the fields of health, alternate healing and ways of healing, as well as preventative methods. Her journey down this path led her to the Millennium Method in the year 2011. It was an incredible opportunity to train with the Founder, Jessica Taylor. After being certified in all three levels as well as a certification to work with children, She was requested to train and certify at the Mastery level. She has worked for the last few years with clients and have found wonderful success. Through her journeys and experiences she has developed a keen ability of helping many to achieve more vibrant health and well being.

Moriah will only recommend a service if she has personally found benefit to it. She found benefit to the Millennium Method personally and uses it in her life every day. She has taken her own health from low levels of sadness, weight control and health to high levels through her own modalities and The Millennium Method.

Her passion for what she do comes from her mother, who always taught her to treat others the way she would treat herself. Each session she gives the same love and attention that she would if she were working on her own mother. she feels a great passion to help her clients towards better health on all levels so that they can live the life they desire. 

She is also the developer and proprietor of natural body products called 'Maddie with Love'. Her products can be found on Facebook here.

* Jessica Taylor