The Millennium Method  *

With the MM we get to the root of your issue(s) to remove the blocks. Often times we find that when trying to "fix" something we tend to try and fix what we can see as an issue. We even just look methods to bandaid the issue instead finding out at the deeper level what it is. We here at Devine You get to the root of your issues. We find out what is feeding and growing this issue. Think of a weed for instance, with all the leaves and the dandelion. That is what we see as the problem, so when you are trying to fix an image or what appears to be the problem it would be like you are pulling leaves off the weed or even the dandelion. We all know that that weed will easily grow back. Quickly too. The reason is we did not go to the root of the weed and remove it there. 

At Devine You we work at the root of any issue, because your body knows how to heal itself from the rest of the 'weed'. 

The artwork used in all sessions are mathematical algorithms and thus each one is entirely unique. Fractal artwork was chosen for use due to the studies that show that just by looking at fractal art it puts your body into a 'solution state' by lowering your respiratory rate, your heart rate and bring you back to homeostasis. 

 The beautifully designed cards capture the essence of the morphic field being used for the protocol that is imbedded in the ARTWORK of each card. The images help to stimulate the intuition and the right brain. With the help of Bio Quantum Physics (energy), the root of your issues will be immediately reached to be able to let go of the OLD and bring in the NEW information needed for the body to completely heal. 

It uniquely combines energy medicine, quantum physics and alchemy and addresses absolutely any and all aspects of the human being and experience. 


The Atlas is the topmost vertebra in the cervical spine(neck) and - along with C2 - forms the joint connecting the skull and the spine. Its chief peculiarity is that it has no body, and this is due to the fact that the body of the atlas has fused with that of the next vertebra. Many cultures and modalities understand that the Atlas is ground zero to the body. There are many chiropractors who only ever adjust the C1 vertebra. We use this area to gain rapport or access to the client or our own bodies. 

With this access point, we can then download or deal the appropriate cards from the decks into the client or ourselves. This results in huge awareness shifts and the elimination of the root causes of disease, disorders and blocks. The shift can be felt immediately by the receiver. These quantum technology cards are chosen physically or intuitively and are used by the practitioner to assist any desired change.

Each fractal art has been downloaded with its own module or protocol from over 20 different modalities!

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 Jessica Taylor