The premise of the technique is that your body functions much like a computer -- you are either on or off, strong or weak to any given stimuli. Your energy either supports or fails to support anything and everything that exists -- all tangible things, non-physical phenomenon, thoughts, memories, traumas, past experiences, money, people, concepts, foods, colors, etc.   

Think of being born into this world with our own Hard Drive, a computer operating system.  As you grow and learn multiple software programs are uploaded into you through family experiences, society belief systems etc while you are viewing the experience of your life.   During the software uploads you also experience growth in years, trauma in personal experiences known and unknown, reactions, accidents to name a few and faulty software programs that become outdated.  The software then gets viruses or the software is no longer needed.  Those viruses weaken your system. Like a computer when it gets a virus a new software, an updated version needs to be downloaded in order to remove the virus and create a better functioning program to work to its upmost efficacy with the/your hard drive. This is the same premise, the fractals of the method are the 'software' loaded with the new information your operating system needs to work again at is best infinite ability.  Without this the blocks occur because virus is slowing down the whole system and trying to reset itself by going around the problem. Often we try to turn ourselves off to the problem by turning the computer off and then on again hoping the problem is solved. Without the virus removed the computer will still not function properly and often get worse.    Downloaded, the new software in algorithms is not subjective and will take care of the virus with your awareness!

In Person Sessions

As miraculous as the results may be, sessions are very straightforward.  They take place in a dedicated treatment room with a warm friendly atmosphere. You will spend some time talking with the practitioner who will use the MM fractal cards to identify the root causes and exactly what adjustments are required to resolve issues.  The frequencies from the fractal or template represented are then 'downloaded' into the system using minimal light touch (over clothes) or without touch most of the time.  The process is similar to the Matrix Energetics by the two-pointing technique and you may feel sensations in your body briefly or a little wobble.  

Each session is unique to the person and may require more or fewer 'downloads;.  Most sessions are done laying down on a massage table on a heated Amethyst  Mat called a Bio-Mat which enhances the physical body ability to heal itself.  Many insights, awarenesses and shifts will occur in  a session as well as insights around self-care and next steps.  

Remote Session

Sessions are equally effective remotely and take place over the phone or skype. You will be in a relaxed position in your home after a brief face to face discussion/question period.  Then laying down in a comfortable position preferably facing East, hands free the session will start just as if in person.  People can still feel the sensations in the body wherever they may be in the world and is remote sessions are equally effective.