Devine You and The Healing Arts

When you awaken to you, it must be understood that the way to heal is from the inside out.  With the wisdom of Western and Eastern Medicines, Ancient and Modern, the healing arts is the way in.  Below are short list of the arts we use here at Devine You Healing.   This in support of your Physical Body, the vehicle, and of the Spirit, the one that seeks  ultimate freedom to experience the intended infinite Joy.  

*Millennium Method 

Osteopathy Medicine 

I-Ching Systems

Quantum Bio Mechanics

Qyauntum Biofeedback Psiometrics


Crystal Therapy

Sound Therapy

Esoteric Understanding/Timelines

Wisdom of Western and Eastern Medicines

Nutritional Support and Foods/Herbs that Heal



Qi Gong

Name Decoding/Numerology